Ana Terrén

Holistic Health in Rose Bay NSW, Australia

Hi I'm Ana.

I am a mind/body/spirit health practitioner and have a practice in Rose Bay (Sydney) specialising in intuitive and energy healing, emotional release therapy, vibrational coaching, mindfulness, wellness counselling and a host of other things! I am addicted to studying and learning new tools and processes to help my precious clients create happy, healthy lives.

I offer individual sessions and workshops to people from all walks of life, teens and children included.

At the moment I am very excited about conducting a monthly workshop with a group of young adults, watching the development of a tribe of amazing souls who are learning how to live in flow, alignment, peace, love and joy. We're writing a book together! Watch this space :)

After hours I love relaxing with music, dance, cooking up a storm for loved ones and general silliness. My dreams are always filled with travel and adventure.

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Smile and have a wonderful day!

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I have been seeing Ana regularly as a client for the last 12 years. She is an extraordinary practitioner and her understanding both of the energetic body and the interplay of body and mind is remarkable. Ana is insightful, intuitive, empathic and has incredible skill in diagnosing and releasing energetic blockages held within the body. She has made a huge difference to the way I think. I will continue to see her regularly in oder to maintain my general wellbeing.
HB, Doctor, 60 yrs old
Ana has been the biggest contributing factor to my mindset today. Hours spent learning ways to get back to a good vibration, releasing all the doubt and insecurities I had and capturing that happy feeling have transformed me into who I am and how I approach things. She has an insight and advice for everyone experiencing any pain, physically, mentally and emotionally. Ana will be a mentor, a lifelong friend and a second mother to me now and always!
NL, Student, 21 yrs old
Through seeing Ana I have learnt to understand myself and my relationships better so that I can make better choices. Ana has helped me to navigate major relationship problems including a marriage breakup and reconciliation. I have developed a clearer understanding of who I am and what I need so that I can be whole, well and joyful. With Ana I will continue ‘peeling the onion’; learning to be truly myself and freeing myself from the pain caused by being stuck in old and dysfunctional patterns
CE, Psychologist, 50 yrs old
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